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Late afternoon at Newark Pond

The fall foliage is past peak in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. But that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t some nice color. Here’s a late afternoon aerial photo of Newark Pond taken yesterday, October 15th.

nek varmont fall foliage 2016

Fall afternoon over Newark Pond 10/15/16

Filmed with: http://amzn.to/2lY9HiU

NEK VT Fall Foliage update September 19, 2014

I took another trip up to Jobs Pond today to see how the foliage was coming along. The mountains around the pond were coming along well.

Fall Foliage NEK VT 2014

Jobs Pond Westmore, VT 9/19/14

fall foliage vt 2014

After that I decided to go over through Newark and check on Bald Hill Pond. I found nice color there for this early in the season. Here’s a panoramic photo I took while there.

Bald Hill Pond fall foliage 2014

Bald Hill Pond in Westmore, VT 9/19/14   Click on Photograph for larger view

I also mounted the GoPro to my dash and made a time lapse video of the ride from Island Pond to Jobs Pond and then on to Bald Hill Pond, and then back to Island Pond. As you can see in the video, there is still a lot of green in the lower elevations of the NEK. As you go up there is more color, especially on the mountains around the ponds.

Beautiful Weather 5/14/14

The weather over the past seval days has been beautiful throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We’ve seen some clouds and showers, but we’ve also has a fair amount of sun. Temperatures have been in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s currently 73° here in Island Pond as I write this post. The forecast is calling for tomorrow,  Friday,  to be warm but mostly cloudy before cooler weather and rain for the weekend. The trees are starting to leaf out here in IP,  and the lawns are starting to green up.  All of the snow is gone here in town, but I did see a few small piles beside the road on Tuesday on the way to Newark Pond.

We are only a little over a week away from the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend.  .

I also wanted to mention that I setup a twitter account to make it easier to do weather updates that don’t contain enough content for a blog post. You can find it at:  @nekwx

Temperature graph for the past 7 day in Island Pond, VT

Temperature graph for the past 7 day in Island Pond, VT