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April Snow 4/26/16

Snow fell from the sky for most of the day here in Island Pond. By early afternoon about 2 inches had accumulated in shady areas and grassy surfaces.  Around 5PM we stated to see a sharp clearing line move overhead. With full sun and the temperature up to 38° most of the snow has melted 🙂

Island Pond Vermont Webcam

Snow falling in Island Pond, VT earlier today 4/26/16

island pond vermont

By late afternoon the sun came out and the temperature rose above freezing.

Spring is in the air

Temperatures in the NEK have warmed up over the past week.  As you can see on the graph our weather station recorded a high of 68.3°F on Sunday.


With the warmer weather I’m happy to report that the ice is out on Island Pond, as well as Spectacle Pond.

Island Pond, VT photograph

Aerial photo of Island Pond taken on Friday April 15, 2016

Spectacle Pond Brighton. VT

Aerial photo of Spectacle Pond taken on Friday April 15, 2016

Cold returns to the NEK

After several very warm days here in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont the temperatures are going go the other way for the foreseeable future. We may even see lows in the single digits on several nights this week.  I guess we need to pay the price at some point for the mild weather that was around the northeast for most of the winter.

Even with all of the mild weather the ice has been hanging tough on most of the lakes and ponds here in the NEK. This quad-coper (drone) video shot yesterday shows Island Pond still has ice covering most of the lake.