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NEK VT Fall Foliage update September 19, 2014

I took another trip up to Jobs Pond today to see how the foliage was coming along. The mountains around the pond were coming along well.

Fall Foliage NEK VT 2014

Jobs Pond Westmore, VT 9/19/14

fall foliage vt 2014

After that I decided to go over through Newark and check on Bald Hill Pond. I found nice color there for this early in the season. Here’s a panoramic photo I took while there.

Bald Hill Pond fall foliage 2014

Bald Hill Pond in Westmore, VT 9/19/14   Click on Photograph for larger view

I also mounted the GoPro to my dash and made a time lapse video of the ride from Island Pond to Jobs Pond and then on to Bald Hill Pond, and then back to Island Pond. As you can see in the video, there is still a lot of green in the lower elevations of the NEK. As you go up there is more color, especially on the mountains around the ponds.

Time Lapse Bird Feeder Close Up

It’s hard to see the birds at the feeders on the webcam, so I thought I would try filming a close up. So, yesterday I setup the Gopro camera to take a still image every 2 seconds, and then put them all together. As you will see, we have Goldfinch, Purple Finch, Chickadees, and Red-breasted nuthatch regularly visiting the feeders. It starts kind of slow, but picks up about a minute in to the video.

Cold Morning In NEK To End November

This mornings lows in the NEK of VT were some of the coldest of the season.  Here in Island Pond the low was -7.8°F.,. In Walden the temp dipped to -6°F and Wheelock bottomed out at -5.8°F.. Despite the cold start we did manage to rebound to 22.6°F. this afternoon.

The forecast is calling for a little light snow tomorrow and a chance of snow showers again on Tuesday.

Here’s a time lapse video taken this afternoon.