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Beautiful Weather 5/14/14

The weather over the past seval days has been beautiful throughout the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We’ve seen some clouds and showers, but we’ve also has a fair amount of sun. Temperatures have been in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s currently 73° here in Island Pond as I write this post. The forecast is calling for tomorrow,  Friday,  to be warm but mostly cloudy before cooler weather and rain for the weekend. The trees are starting to leaf out here in IP,  and the lawns are starting to green up.  All of the snow is gone here in town, but I did see a few small piles beside the road on Tuesday on the way to Newark Pond.

We are only a little over a week away from the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend.  .

I also wanted to mention that I setup a twitter account to make it easier to do weather updates that don’t contain enough content for a blog post. You can find it at:  @nekwx

Temperature graph for the past 7 day in Island Pond, VT

Temperature graph for the past 7 day in Island Pond, VT

May 7, 2014 update

There hasn’t been much going on weather wise recently.  We were stuck in a typical spring pattern for the past week or more, cool and cloudy with showers just about every day.  We did see the sun pop out briefly once in a while. We finally broke the pattern today with bright blue skies!

 Spring is slowly moving forward with a few buds on the trees.

trees in NEK starting to bud


I’ll end this post with an image from our webcam from last night.

Sunset on the Island Pond, VT webam

Sunset on the Island Pond, VT webam

Winter look on the Island Pond webcam

After our nice spring weather a few days ago we woke up today to a few inches of snow with temperatures in the teens. Hopefully the snow is short lived and we return to seasonable weather soon. Until then be sure to check out the Island Pond Webcam for what is hopefully one last look at Winter.

Island Pond, VT Webcam

Snow on the Webcam on April 16, 2014