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We did it, 70° in Island Pond!

We just broke the 70 degree mark in Island Pond! After a cold winter where we were below zero many times, this feels great! Almost to warm. However, the NWS has issued a flood watch for most of VT through Wednesday due to the melting snow and the rain that is forecast for tomorrow. Most of the snow in the yard has melted with the exception of the snow banks from plowing. But there is still quite a bit of snow left in the mountains. Hopefully we won’t get much rain tomorrow so any flooding is kept to a minimum. Meanwhile, get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

April 11, 2014 snow melt update

The strong April sun has been working on the remaining snow over the past few days here in the NEK. Last night’s above freezing temperatures didn’t hurt either. The forecast is calling for temps to be in the mid to upper 50’s on Saturday and Sunday. We may see our first 70° day on Monday. With these warm temps most of the snow should melt before long.

As you can see from today’s web camera image from Island Pond, VT, we’ve got a lot more bare ground showing than the image from my last post two days ago.

Snow slowly disappearing on the Island Pond webcam

Snow slowly disappearing on the Island Pond webcam