Cold air on the way to the NEK

Take advantage of this little warm spell that the Northeast Kingdom is currently having because it won’t last long.  Today,  November 11th, is one of the nicest days that we have had in Island Pond in quite some time.  He sun is out, and the temperature at 1PM is 58°. You can see in the webcam image below that the snow that fell a few days ago is long gone.

island pond vt webcam

Beautiful late fall day in Island Pond, Vermont

Now for the bad news. Artic air that is currently in the midwest is going to be heading toward the NEK of Vermont over the next few days. By Thursday it will be noticeably colder. The high temperatures forecast for the end of the week are upper 20’s to low30’s throughout the region. It looks like it is going to stick around once it gets here

I’ll end this post by wishing all active and forms service members a happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.