Monthly Archives: July 2014

Beautiful day in the Northeast Kingdom

Today is one of those perfect summer days with temperatures in the low to mid 70s, light wind and low humidity.  Couldn’t ask for a nicer day in my opinion.  Last night was on the cool side for July with lows in the 40’s in the NEK. We bottomed out at 45° here in Island Pond.

The forecast is calling for another cool night tonight followed by another beautiful day tomorrow with slightly warmer temps. By Sunday the humidity will be a little higher with a chance of showers by afternoon.

First Tomato!!!

I finally noticed our first tomato of the season!  We have two varieties,  a cherry tomato and a better boy full sized beefsteak variety. While the cherry tomato plant has blossoms,  it is the larger Better Boy plant has the first fruit on it. I can’t wait until we pick our first ripe tomato!

First green tomato of the season.

First green tomato of the season.

4th of July weekend in NEK

This was the holiday weekend was the weekend of tropical Storm Arthur.  Friday wasn’t a complete washout,  but we did see a few showers throughout the day and evening.  Most towns throughout te area postponed their holiday celebrations and fireworks.  Here in Island Pond the parade and fireworks show were scheduled for the 5th already.  Saturday was mostly sunny with a pretty heavy wind as Arthur moved off toward Canada. We did have a quick shower just before the fireworks.  But, the rain stopped just in time for a wonderful show over the lake!. Sunday was rather windy, too. However,  the winds calmed down as the day went on.  All and all it was a good weekend in the NEK of Vermont.

Today, , Monday,  is mostly cloudy with temps in the low 70s. The dewpoints have been creaping up making it feel a little sticky. The forecast is calling for unsettled weather through midweek with warmer weather and chances of thunderstorms.  We should see a cold front come through the region Wednesday with cooler drier Canadian air for a few days.