January 31, 2014 update

Sorry for the lack of updates,  I’ve been fighting the flu for the past few days.

 Anyway, not much in the way of precipitation has fallen recently.  But, on a good note it has been on the mild side for the past few days with highs in the upper 20’s! After all of this cold weather,  it felt almost spring like. As for snow prospects,  there is a small storm headed in our direction later tomorrow in to Sunday. We may see 3 or 4 inches out of it. The National Weather Service has just issued a winter weather advisory for most of the NEK from 11am on Saturday through 11pm on Sunday.

The next potential big storm is Tuesday / Wednesday.  Keep your fingers crossed.  For real time conditions of what’s going on in Island Pond,  just check out our live webcam.

Island Pond, VT Live Webcam