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Purple Finch

Female Purple Finch in Island Pond, VT

As most of you know, our Webcam here in Island Pond points at two bird / squirrel feeders. We also have three other bird feeders that aren’t in the webcam view. Needless to say, we enjoy watching the birds. I also enjoy photographing the birds that visit our yard. I hadn’t been taking many photos over the past year or two. But over the past few weeks I’ve gotten back in to it, and I’ve been having fun again.

Photographing birds takes a ton of patience, and a lot of luck. The wild birds are usually very quick and can get spooked very easy. I’d much rather take photos of birds in their natural environment, but sometimes they land on something man made like the top of a lamp post, and you can’t resist taking the shot.

VT Purple Finch

Female Purple Finch in Island Pond, VT

I hope everyone out there enjoys this type of post because I have a feeling they may become more frequent here on the bog.