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December 29th Nor’easter was a dud for the NEK

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont didn’t end up getting anywhere near the 12-16 inches of snow that was forecast to fall on the region. Here in Island Pond we received about 4″. Hopefully it will help the groomer operators freshen up the snowmobile trails for all of the sledders that are around for the holiday weekend.

Here’s a video I made yesterday of Darling Hill Road and East Burke Village.

Filmed with: http://amzn.to/2ltL77S


Where did winter go?

It’s hard to believe winter has come and gone without registering 12″ of snow on the stake here in Island Pond, VT. I kept holding out hope all season that we would get a good dumping of the white stuff, but it never did happen. This had to be very hard on the businesses throughout the Northeast Kingdom that rely on skiers and snowmobiliers to frequent their restaurants and stores. Hopefully we have a beautiful Spring and Summer season that helps make up for such a dismal Winter.

Here’s a video that was shot last weekend that shows just how bad the snow season was here in the NEK. About the only snow to be found is man made with the exception of the very top of Burke Mountain.