The heat is on in the NEK!

Yesterday, May 8th, was warmer that we got all of last summer here in Island Pond, VT. The high was 87°, and last summers high was 85° on both July 1st and 2nd. The only nice part was very low dew points yesterday keeping the humidity levels down compared to last July. Fortunately for those of us that don’t like it quite that hot, temperatures dropped off fairly quick as soon as the sun started to set on the Northeast Kingdom. The low today was 46°. The current temperature at 12:45PM is 77°.

The forecast for the next several days looks to be wet with rain showers just about everyday. But, we do need the rain to help green things up, and help keep the fire danger down. Here’s a look at the upcoming weather for Island Pond as forecast by the NWS in Burlington. Don’t forget you can get the local forecast here on our website by clicking here.

Island Pond VT Forecast

Forecast for Island Pond, VT from NWS in Burlington