40° Plus Past 2 Days in Island Pond, VT!!!

It has really felt good to see temperatures warm in to the 40’s for both Tuesday and Wednesday! Tuesday was the warmest with a high of 48° here in Island Pond, VT. Today was a little windier and cooler with the high reaching 42°.  Even the overnight low didn’t go below freezing on Wednesday morning,  36° was the morning low.

Unfortunately cooler weather will return as a cold front moves through the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont this evening. The front will bring with it a chance of flurries or light snow. Not much accumulation is expected with the front but some areas of the NEK could see 1-2 inches of new snow. The next storm should arrive over the weekend and as of right now it looks like a mix of snow and rain.

Here is a photo from the Island Pond Webcam on Tuesday followed by an image from the cam on Wednesday. As you can see, we’ve lost quite a bit of snow during the warmup.

Island Pond, VT Webcam

Snow depth in Island Pond, VT on Tuesday March 10, 2015

Island Pond, VT webcam

Snow depth in Island Pond, VT on Wednesday March 11, 2013