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Spring, just around the corner?

Even though spring officially begins in just three days, it sure doesnt feel like it. Yes, we had a fairly warm Saturday with a high around 40°F. But the temps quickly dropped off, and we only warmed up to around 11°F on Sunday. This morning was another cold start at -22.3°F. That’s certainly cold for this time of year! However, spring will come to the NEK of Vermont at some point, it has to.

Temperature graph over the past 7 days

Temperature graph over the past 7 days

March 12 & 13, 2014 Storm

Looks like the storm lived up to the hype throughout the NEK. Storm totals from around the region ranged from 9 -16 inches of snow. It was hard to get an accurate mesurment here at the weather station due to the heavy drifting. My best guess is around a foot here in Island Pond. Today was very cold for Mid March with temps hovering in the single digits.

For the first time this year the 24″ mark is buried on the snow stake.

24" mark underthe snow

24″ mark underthe snow

Snow Day in NEK

The snow has started to pick up in intensity here in Island Pond. Temperatures are right around 30°, and are expected to drop throughout the day. Most of northern Vermont is expecting between 1 and 2 feet of snow before the storm winds down tomorrow.

There is 18″ on the snow stake at the start of the storm. Keep you eye on the live webcam throughout the storm to see how deep it gets. Island Pond Webcam

18" on the webcam at the start of the storm.

18″ on the webcam at the start of the storm.