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More snow for NEK 12/26/13

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post lately.  Now that Christmas is behind us, I hope to get back to posting more updates.

Christmas 2013 was rather uneventful weather wise.  It was on the cold side,  but the sun was out for most of the day. Today we saw a light snow fall for most of the day here in Island Pond.  We have received 4″ of new snow as of 6pm. I’ve seen several reports from around the NEK of 3-6 inches of snow from this little system. With temps in the teens today,  the snow is very light and fluffy. The NWS forecast has a chance of snow showers for the next several days.

I’ll end this post with a recent image from our Island Pond webcam.

Island Pond, VT Webcam

Island Pond, VT Webcam

12/14/13 Brrr!

This morning was the coolest so far this season.  My Davis weather station recorded a low of -20.2° this morning.  We did warm up to a balmy temperature of 5.1° this afternoon.

The storm forecast for tonight is due to arrive around 9pm. There’s limited precipitation associated with the storm,  but due to the cold temps we should see between 6-12″ of light fluffy snow throughout the region.


December 12, 2013 update

We had some snow squalls come through the Northeast Kingdom yesterday afternoon that resulted in a few inches of new snow.  Here in Island Pond we had a quick burst that produced 2″ in less than an hour. We now have just under 3″ on the ground.  You can always see the current conditions in Island Pond by pointing your browser to our Webcam

The forecast is calling for another cold front to come through the region tonight resulting in more flurries and squalls.  There is also a potential storm in the forecast for Saturday night in to Sunday that may produce 3-6 inches of snow.